Retouch Fine Art

Condition Reporting Services

Artworks can also get sick. Just like us humans, Artworks contain organic materials, which may cause future problems. Many factors, such as artist originating, environmental and biological reasons, and deterioration over time. It must be documented with the proper techniques to restore an artwork without damaging its original state. 

We examine and document the artworks delivered to us in comprehensive ways. We are documenting the paintings with unique lights, devices, and techniques to detect the damages. These techniques include Visible light, Side Lights, Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and X-Ray tests. It has been scientifically proven that these tests show invisible layers to the human eye.

By restoring your artworks and knowing more about them, you can ensure their preservation and survival for generations. Because restoring a painting is also the same as preserving the knowledge for us.

If you want to have your artwork restored or have more information about them, you can contact us. With the professional documentation techniques we will apply to your artwork, we can identify and report the damages and present them to you. With the Condition Report, we'll be able to prepare it for you; you can use the condition report that we prepared for appraisal, insurance, or sales purposes in the future.