<h1>About Retouch Fine Art</h1>

<h2>Our Story</h2>

Artworks, like all objects present in nature, are faced with the danger of aging and extinction from the moment of production. Conservation of artworks is preserving art and heritage as well as the preservation of knowledge.

Retouch Fine Art is a boutique restoration organization established in 2019 in the field of conservation and restoration of artworks, aiming to be a leader in the art restoration field in the future. Retouch Fine Art is an organization that devotes itself to the preservation of modern and traditional fine art conservation and restoration projects and gives value to long-term communication with its clients as well as the quality restoration service it provides.

At Retouch Fine Art, your valuable artworks are professionally documented and reported with multiple scanning techniques. You can get restoration services for your prestigious artworks with international ethics throughout the conservation and restoration process.


Deniz Siyar Borak

Deniz Siyar Borak graduated from Department of Conservation and Restoration of Artworks at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

Deniz, besides participating in many restoration and conservation institutions as an intern, also he had been an intern at Turkey's first contemporary art museum. On the other hand, he has been in various restoration and conservation projects such as churches and historic buildings.

Since 2019 he has been working in his studio as a private restorer.